Design your future presentation at AUT

On the 12th of May this year Auckland University of Technology gave me this amazing opportunity to give a speech during their “Design Your Future” event. I have spent the last 5 and a half years studying at AUT part time and I was fortunate to meet...

Hobbies. How do I unwind from work.

Humans are not machines, we cannot work 24 hours per day and we have a very limited supply of time. A lot of us work 8 to 9 hours per day (if not more) and are having a commute of up to two hours per day. Adding on top of it a healthy amount of 8 hours of sleep and we...
What are the Career Services at #Udacity?

What are the Career Services at #Udacity?

In my opinion, Udacity is the best resource to learn mobile development, which I am so passionate about, but there is one more critical value which Udacity provides – Career Services. In this post I will try to summarise what career services Udacity provides and...

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